Pasch du Plooy

Well seasoned, well flavoured. Always fresh.

2019 Winner of Kokkedoor 3

Chef Pasch du Plooy | 2019 WINNER OF KOKKEDOOR 3


Meat lover, butcher, baker, sausage and charcuterie maker, expert coffee roaster, distiller and general bon vivant.


Pasch has dedicated his life to the pursuit of taste. Respect for local, seasonal ingredients drives his food philosophy. Conjuring up meals and recipes that transform the best of ingredients to deliver traditional yet modern, processed yet natural, restrained yet revolutionary works of taste. Even the garnish delivers both visual and sensory appeal.

Join us on a food journey around our site. Make contact and let’s chat about the things that rock your raspberries. Be it collaboration, sharing a recipe, finding mutual ground on fusion fare or perhaps just a quick, “Cheers,” to everything gastronomy!

Chef Pasch du Plooy offers a range of services that can be tailored to suit your needs. From private cooking lessons to bespoke experiences in the Kalahari. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us surpass your greatest expectations, time and time again.

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2019 Winner of KykNET's Kokkedoor Season 3 on DStv.