More meat for your moola: Chuck

Using alternative meat cuts inspire me to rethink my classic training and ideas and be more creative with meal and dish planning. Thinking ahead about what to do with an unused or unfamiliar cut of meat helps me to come up with great dishes that do not break the bank and can be made easily at home even for special occasions.

Chuck steak

This flavorful steak comes from the front of the animal and is normally used as a braising steak. Ask your butcher to cut the chuck for you into less than 1cm thick steaks. This way it will be quick to grill.

RECIPE: BBQ Grilled Beef Chuck Steak with malt vinegar dressing


2kg of less than 1cm thick cut bone in chuck steak

½ cup canola oil

6tbs BBQ spice of your choice

1tbs smoked paprika

1tbs chilli powder

2tbs chopped fresh oregano

50ml malt vinegar

Malt vinegar dressing


100ml malt vinegar

10ml fish sauce

30g white sugar

1 clove garlic

¼ red onion very finely chopped

4 tbs toasted white sesame seeds

4tbs chopped spring onions

1 red chilli roasted and chopped


Sprinkle the steak with the vinegar and oil and massage the meat all over. Now mix the spices and the herbs and massage into the meat. Let the meat marinate for 2 hours before cooking. For the dressing, mix all the ingredients together till the sugar is dissolved and refrigerate till needed.

Over a hot coal fire grill the chuck steak over very high heat for 1 – 2 minutes, turning every 30 seconds or when it flames up. Use some of the marinade liquid to baste the meat every now and then. This meat will cook quickly. So don’t go far. Once removed from the fire. Slice the steak into trips and dress with your malt vinegar dressing. Serve with fresh salad or over noodles.

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