Pasch du Plooy

Every ingredient is there for a reason.


Perhaps you have the palate of a queen but the cooking skills of a pauper with aspirations that will shame even Escoffier. Well, it might be a good idea to take some private cooking lessons.


Pasch can teach you how to make a salmon sing like a Scandinavian spring. Or how to bring out the best in beef for that ever-elusive perfect braai. Speak to him about the cuisine you want to learn and the level of cooking you want to achieve. With a bit of imagination and some patience, you are halfway there, and Pasch has both.

If you want your wedding guests to be as happy with the food as they are with your union, Pasch’s banquet menu’s will deliver the answer, “I do.” Perhaps you are trying to pop the big question at a private dinner with a private chef, Pasch is your man. Or maybe you just want to have a dinner party or organise an office Christmas party with a twist. Pasch can tailor-make a menu and deliver the goods that will have you pegged as office favourite for the rest of the year. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us surpass your greatest expectations, time and time again.

If you would like to book Chef Pasch for a wedding, event, lecture, or a private cooking class, have a look at the services below.