Pasch du Plooy

A good sauce is one of the fundamentals of cooking


Pasch du Plooy was born in April 1983 in Mokopane (Potgietersrus). Trips to Free State farms were the order of the day. He grew up in a family with a rich and diverse food tradition.


The smell of freshly baked bread reminds him of playing with dough at the feet of his grandmother, the freshly baked bread coming out of the coal stove. The ‘korsie’, still steaming, served with fine biltong and farm butter.

Grandma’s coveted and homemade steak and kidney pies were on the menu once a year and everybody pitched in when it was time to slaughter a cow or sheep or buck. His father made wild hams and salami, a tradition inherited from our European forefathers. Although it might sound like Pasch’s food memories were isolated from the rest of the world, quite the contrary is true. His mother frequently travelled abroad and brought home interesting tastes, stories and ingredients. Blue cheese from the Netherlands; Soya sauce, mirin and miso from Asia; Tamarin from the East; halva and Tahini from Israel.


He developed a style of cooking that’s true to local customs with a distinctly Asian flair. From the memories of mieliebrood in the Free State to grapes on the vine in Franschoek and the heat of television cameras in Kokkedoor, Pasch has travelled far and wide. His dishes take you on a journey from the field it came from to the fork on your plate, with tastes from around the world. His cooking is always restrained, never dull.


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